Saturday, January 7, 2012

New year

Hopefully this year will be a year to blog more. I am going to really try hard to. I am gratedful to those who take the time and interest in this farm to want to learn about it. Thank you so much.

Well we are gearing up to start a new year. I am always so hopeful and excited at this time of year. We look back each year and see how we made improvements to the farm and the mistakes we made. Yes I said mistakes! We do make them and they are hard lessons to learn. When you realize that you have made a mistake on the farm it is generally not quick to be fixed. Like planting too late for a cover crop or vegetable. Choosing a variety of a certain type of vegetable only to find out too late that it will not produce in the heat here in Texas. Maybe wishing that we would have put the crop in a more shaded spot in the garden because of the intense heat. Sometimes we make the same mistake over and over again because we thought we understood the problem and found out later it was not as we thought. In other wards there are so many variables to farming it is extremely hard to narrow them down and figure out the problem. Experience is the key! Experienced "hopefully younger" farmers.

Having farmer friends who have been farming for a long time are invaluable. They can look at a problem and see exactly what is wrong and how to fix it. They are however becoming fewer and fewer. We need young farmers who have a passion for the land and are not afraid of hard work. There are rewards beyond belief for the right person on a farm. Financial hardship is what keeps most away. We need to change that by realizing that our food is our medicine. It is what keeps us healthy and happy. The farther we get away from the land the sicker we get as a society. We need to honor our food and how it is grown. Protect the land and the animals and the people who are willing to work exceptionally hard and not use chemicals, fungicides or growth hormones. If we don't become activists we will all be limited to eating third world country staples. Unsecured, unprotected and undiversified.

I didn't know that this was where I was going when i started to write today, but did end up that way. I would like to see us all become personal activists by putting our money in our community farms and not the industrialized "agricultural" conglomerates. Who in my opinion are poisoning our lands, our animals and our food just to make it last longer on the shelf, grow it bigger and quicker so they can make more money regardless if it turns into something that makes us sick. Alot of the industrialized "agricultural" conglomerates are in fact owned by the big chemical and drug companies. Sick people .......more drugs! Do we see this trend?

Forgive me if I have offended any one. I don't mean to harm, I mean to motivate us all into action. Let's make 2012 the year of change. Let's become educated about what we are really eating and why it is so bad for us. Let's get back to eating unadultrated whole foods. Forget about convenience! It is not convenient to be sick!