Monday, October 19, 2009

We just finished the latest planting of Broccoli, Brussel Sprouts, Cauliflower and Romaine lettuce. There was approximately 1200 plants in the last planting. Danny our farming intern planted every one by his self with none of us to help him. He had it done pretty quickly too! I had to leave to deliver last weeks CSA delivery and he stayed here and planted. The next morning I had another obligation and couldn't be there to help him and he finished all of them by his self. Awesome! The picture on the left is taken of one of the rows Danny planted. He did 4 more just like it!
He is such a real blessing to us and this farm. Thank you Danny! We really appreciate your efforts and you have made a real difference here. Danny is getting ready to move on to another farm in a couple of weeks and we will miss him alot. He has become a great friend and we feel really blessed to know him.

Danny also helped us participate in the 2009 ECO Fair in Wichita Falls. I really had decided that we were not going to be able to participate because of the time factor. He offered to help me on a day that were supposed to be his time off from the farm. If it wasn't for him we would not have been able to participate in the event. He made coffee, washed coffee cups and collected coffee donations for the ECO Fair. He helped run our booth and really enjoyed meeting people and sharing about the farm. He worked hard to help me with all the preparations before and clean up afterwards. Again thanks Danny for all your wonderful help.


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