Monday, August 10, 2009

New farming Intern....yeah!!

The piglets are one month old now! They are eating grass and veggies. They are just like a bunch of puppies, running, jumping and pushing each other with their snouts. Too cute!

Well the heat is back on! Not as hot as it has been though. We are at 100 degrees but a few weeks ago it was over 103 every day. Some days it was all the way up to 106! I have never worried about the weather as much as I do now. I wouldn't have been able to tell you what the temperature was at any given time. Only to realize it was either too hot or too cold. The weather is such a big concern to a farmer that is always foremost in his or her mind.

We got our first farming intern and his name is Danny. Danny came to us from an organization that promotes internships to learn organic farming methods. The individuals stay on the farm and work for an agreed upon time frame. We provide Danny's room and board for the length of his stay. It is a good agreement for both parties. Danny can learn while working and we can teach while receiving a helping hand. What a blessing! We are really excited to have Danny and hope we can share with him the joys of working with the earth and wonderful fun we have caring for the livestock.


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