Tuesday, November 25, 2008

First time blogger

My name is Pamela and my husband Ronny own a 30 acre farm in Sunset Texas. On the farm we have one pig, 3 goats, and three dogs. There is more livestock to come but for right now this is all we have. We are currently working on getting a Jersey cow and some chickens.

Here at Rose Creek Farms we farm organic or heirloom vegetables and herbs. We have two gardens going. One is about a half of an acre and the other is almost three acres. We just finished planting strawberries and are eagerly waiting their fruit in the Spring. We are currently operating a three season CSA (Community Supported Agriculture), Spring, Summer and Fall. We currently deliver to Decatur, Denton and Arlington.

I love roses alot and have planted them all over the farm. The soil out here is really great for growing them........if that helps explain the name Rose Creek Farms a little bit. We bought the farm in the Spring of 2005 and feel very blessed to be here.

A little bit of information on the animals here:

The pigs name is Elliott. He is a black Hampshire pig with white feet. He is four months old and a great pleasure to watch. We have had him for about a month and plan to get him a girl friend fairly soon..........he will be so happy for some company. The goats are pygmy goats and the dad is named Billy and the two sons are named Harry and Larry. The boys are about 10 months old and are so much fun. They get so excited to see anyone come up and visit. The prospect of company means they will get some sort of tasty green or vegetable out of the garden. They wag their tails and baa loudly in hopes of the treats to come.

The dogs are a little bit different story. The middle dog is a mix and he looks to me kind of like Lassie, even though I think Lassie was a girl. We call him Chip and/or Chippy. He is so cute...... but a little odd. He picks rocks up with his mouth and carries them around all the time. If it is not a rock then it is a stick or piece of straw. Always carrying an object. It is the funniest thing to watch. You really want to believe that he is asking you to play catch when he brings you the stick. But he doesn't yet get the concept. We are working on that..... The other two the oldest and the youngest are coon dogs. The oldest is white with black and brown markings, they call her breed a "Walker". Her name is blaze and she is PKC Texas State Champion 2006 and AKC Texas State Champion 2008. She was also third in the PKC World Hunt in 2005. She is our pride and joy. The youngest Toby Rose is a girl and she is only 8 months old. She is solid black with a touch of brown markings. Her breed is a "Black and Tan". She hasn't really started hunting alot but she sure wants to. She is full of energy and howling at everything.

We want to get a jersey cow for the milk and the yummy stuff you can make from it. The chickens are for eggs of course. We would like to be a totally sustainable farm by the end of 2009. That is our goal anyway.

Well as this was my first blog attempt I guess I will stop here for now and thanks for visiting our blog.


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