Monday, January 17, 2011

New Year

Well it has been quite a while since I have blogged. This past year 2010 was really hard. We had a few really great things happen for us this past year and a few really tough things. I never meant to let it go this long without sharing something along the way.

We got our bed maker and water wheel planter in June. That was awesome! I will try to get some pictures posted of it really soon. It was exciting to finally see those things come, we waited so long for those two pieces of equipment. Yeah!

We were blessed with a new grandbaby his name is Caleb, he was born in December and weighed 5 pounds 7 ounces. He is doing great. His mom had such a difficult pregnancy and I am so glad to see that part end. They are both doing wonderful.

This past year we found out that my grandson who is 10 years old (Caleb's brother Cameron) has Muscular Dystrophy. He is doing fine but right now they are in the process of trying to test to see what type of MD he has. We changed his diet to a much stricter one and were able to start adding some important supplements that will help him. So today we pray and continue to seek God's direction. We are convinced that the changes are doing some good!

The gardens last year had some set backs and we ended up with the hardest year we had to date. You want to think that every year you can improve on your situation and each year it will get better. Generally that does happen as we learn more and aquire more needed equipment. This past year the bucket fell out. It was a combination of many things that took us to where we ended up. One of the first things right off the bat is we were late getting our garden beds in. We have grown in numbers (memberships) and doing it by hand is not a easy as it once was. We waited for our bed maker to come in and by the time got by us, the higher temperatures came and the plants we were unable to get established and just struggled against the high temperatures. Long story short always get an early start and get those plants in at the appropiate time of the year! It makes the difference between real success and struggle.

We did learn alot this year in the soil amendment department last year. We finally got a great combination of soil amendments worked out for our particular soil type. We saw exciting results this past fall and we are looking toward seeing those same results this year.

I love farming! To me it is the most important job on earth, providing clean, nutrient dense food to my family and to my farm family is an honor and a blessing. If you don't have your health it makes it extremely hard to enjoy the things God puts in our lives. It is the most challenging job I have ever had in the sense of trying to figure out how to grow healthy plants by manipulating the soil they are in; is as hard as trying to figure out what a child is crying about who is not yet able to speak.

I am looking toward a great year this year and hope that together we can make a great harvest!


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