Thursday, July 23, 2009

Have have piglets!

Lois finally had her piglets! She had them on the fourth of July. Independence piglets! She had nine beautiful babies and she is such a good mom. They are the cutiest.....before they were even twenty four hours old they were already sticking their noses in the dirt rooting. Today they are not quite 3 weeks old and they are everywhere. They get in the mud with mom and get cooled off. They run and chase each other. It is so much fun to watch them while they are so little. I don't want them to grow up!

Well the weather has finally cooled down for a few days. The veggies are starting to bloom a little again. They sure look better since the intense heat has let up for now. I'm praying we don't see those for a while again. The weather man said that we usually get around 16 days of over 100 degree heat per summer. We are over 20 days and this isn't even the end of July yet. I am wondering what the rest of the summer is going to bring us.

We are planting for the fall season now. Sweet potatoes are in now and pumpkins. Some of the summer veggies will continue to make until fall and that is good news. We still need to start our cabbage and broccoli transplants. We need to plant new successions of winter squashes, broccoli raab, fall greens and etc...

I am so excited about the fall season. It is so much easier to work in the garden in the fall. We still need to purchase frost protection blankets for the fall veggies. They are expensive and we need quite a few of them. Last year we really needed them. We got several early and late freezes and lost alot of veggies. I hope we can get some them bought if not all this year. They really do protect the veggies from those unexpected drops in temperature and they will help extend our growing season. That is very important for the fall and spring CSAs for our area, we are further north and we get cooler faster than the metroplex area.
Yesterday I ordered the strawberry plants we will need to plant in October. We will harvest them around the first of April. The Spring CSA's really like the berries for their baskets. Yumm! Well I guess it's back to work time.