Saturday, December 6, 2008

New Addition to the Farm

Well the new addition to the farm is a wonderful pink baby pig. She is about four and one half months old. She is not shy, very friendly and doesn't meet a stranger. We decided to name her Lois. Elliott has a friend and he is so happy. We were feeding them some squash today and they loved it. Tails wagging, snorting and was a good day.

Changing the subject for a moment.........

While winter sets in we try to complete projects that we don't have time for during our peak growing times. One of our latest projects is building a charcoal maker. We needed to find a way to make charcoal so that we could use it to build up our soils. Charcoal is very porous for water holding capacities and also creates greater amounts of stable soil organic matter. The charcoal maker consists of two 55 gallon drums acting as the retort (the chamber that holds the wood). Some old brick and some large stones to make the furnace. I think it will do it's job well. We are excited to get it fired up this week and start making our own charcoal.

Well we hope you all have a blessed holiday. Merry Christmas from us to you.